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Virginia Key North Point Park Restroom Renovations


The new Virginia Key North Point Park Restroom facility will replace an existing single-story building, and the new single-story building will house public restrooms and the Ocean Rescue headquarters. The site is located within an AE 10 flood zone; therefore, the proposed Finished Floor Elevation is designed at an elevation of approximately 11ft off the ground. Accessibility concerns were addressed with handicap accessible parking, sidewalk, ramp, and ADA restrooms in both the Women's and Men's restrooms.

The Ocean Rescue Headquarters includes a break room and first aid, restrooms with shower, Head Lifeguard's office, and Park Manager's office. In addition, the facility includes exterior water fountains, showers, and hose bib.

A unique feature of this project is the inclusion of a composting toilet system. With environmental sensitivity in mind, the toilet system was designed as a safer and more appropriate alternative to a septic tank system. This system will also treat gray water from the janitor sink, lavatories, and showers.

Location: Miami, Florida
Size: 1,100 sf


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