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Airport Operation Center/Emergency Operation Center at Miami International Airport


The project consists of a new joint Airport Operations Center and Emergency Operations Center (AOC/EOC) to meet the needs of MDAD. The joint AOC/EOC facility is a mission critical space for the support of airport operations on a day-to-day basis while providing consistent oversight to Emergency Events with utility infrastructure to sustain 24/7 operations. It is provided with sufficient space and programs to facilitate both the immediate needs of the facility on day one while preserving the opportunity and flexibility of future needs. As the airport was functioning without a joint use facility of this type, the purpose of the project was to improve the overall response time to situations and improve the communication between affected departments. GMPA worked with an AOC/EOC consultant to prepare a Concept of Operations (CONOPS) which became the program guide for the project. The CONOPS was developed after extensive interviews and meetings with the users as well as observations of current processes.

This project was designed to meet LEED Silver Certification and Sea Level Rise requirements.

Location: Miami, Florida
Size: 12,000 sf


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