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2021 MIA Baggage Handling System 022 high


Gurrimatute has over 25 years of experience designing aviation projects in South Florida – specifically at Miami International and Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood Airports. Our experience includes the design of specialized facilities including Automated People Movers, maintenance and storage facilities, hangars, baggage handling systems, airport concession spaces including restaurants, terminal design, tenant relocations, re-roofing, retrofitting passenger holding areas, integration of new technology, emergency power, and general building upgrades including ADA, life safety, HVAC upgrades, and equipment replacement.

351 Salvadore Park


Gurrimatute provides full Title I and Title II services and other A/E services to numerous cities, counties, state and federal government agencies including the United States Coast Guard, United States Air Force and United States Army Corp of Engineers. Our projects have included community centers, classrooms, administration offices, maintenance buildings, concession spaces, new parks and playgrounds, computer training spaces, cultural centers, restroom/locker room facilities, ADA retrofits, HVAC upgrades, life safety upgrades, utility upgrades, building hardening, right-of-way improvements, preparation of 35% design documents and design criteria packages, and family support buildings. We work in both new construction and renovations of existing buildings including historic preservation, restoration, rehabilitation, and adaptive reuse. We work both as a Prime Consultant and Subconsultant.

93 MDC Padron Campus 2022


For more than 25 years, Gurrimatute has designed educational projects ranging from K-12 facilities through higher education facilities including Community Colleges and Universities. We work on both small Capital Improvements Projects and large new construction and remodelings projects, and everything in between. Some of our projects have included new classroom buildings, science laboratories, replacement of HVAC systems, simulated nursing classrooms, conference/training rooms, maker spaces, Presidential suites/libraries, administrative offices, museum/gallery spaces, re-roofing, new canopies, life safety upgrades, concession type spaces, and egress stair replacements.

01 BH BRMC Cath Lab


At Gurrimatute, we strive to provide the maximum value to our clients and to create the best environment for patient care and healing. We have extensive experience in both new construction, renovations, and repairs of existing medical facilities. Our team has wide-ranging experience with equipment installation/replacements including radiology equipment, linear accelerators, cyber knife, and gamma knife machines, chiller replacements, emergency generators, and utility center replacements. In addition, our healthcare practice includes the design of new or renovated specialty spaces including operating rooms, NICU’s/ICU’s, pediatric units, emergency departments, pharmacies, laboratories, cancer centers, physical therapy and occupational therapy, and simulation labs.

02 5th ST Marina

Additional Works

Gurrimatute has completed a variety of projects ranging from commercial, hospitality, and residential spaces including private offices/warehouses, retail spaces, restaurants, and highly custom residential projects. Gurrimatute provides design solutions that make spaces that stay within budget, but are also elegant, functional and innovative.


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