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2 Michael

“A work of art… is not a living thing… that walks or runs. But the making of a life. That which gives you a reaction… Truly, a work of art is one that tells us that nature cannot make what man can make.”
— Louis Kahn

Michael Cockmon


A graduate from the University of Arkansas in 2020 with a bachelor’s in architecture, Michael set his sights on a new atmosphere and moved to Miami. Having been around architecture his whole life, Michael knew the best outlet for his artistic passion would be architecture; a passion he shares with his father. With a desire to draw and create, Michael’s favorite part of architecture is being able to start a building from the beginning and watching it grow and become a reality. He also finds it interesting how everything connects – the special details that go into creating something new.

Being a member of the team at Gurrimatute is important to Michael. He appreciates how close everyone is and that it is easy to go to any member of the firm to ask questions or receive help. The comradery at the firm is different than a lot of other places.

When Michael is not creating exceptional drawings, you can find him pursuing his other passions – the outdoors and sports. Michael enjoys anything outside, but especially the beach. He also enjoys watching or attending sporting events such as baseball. As an avid baseball fan, Michael has also spent his whole life playing baseball. He is excited to be able to explore what Florida has to offer now that he is officially a resident of the Sunshine State.


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