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Magali Peniche Color

"Minds are like parachutes, they only function when open."
— Thomas Dewar, 1st Baron Dewar

Magali Peniche



An architect educated in Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán, in Merida, Mexico, Magali Peniche describes herself as frank, sensible and persistent. Yet, her most prominent personality traits are her willingness to help others, deep love for family, and her fierce attention to detail.

Always reserved, Magali slowly peels back the rich layers of who she is and why she decided to become an architect. Ready to serve others, at 17 she went on a mission with her church to a very small, poor town in Mexico called Hobonil, where she worked hands-on to teach others self-care, hygiene, and essential skills in food preparation. Seeing the deplorable living conditions in Hobonil led her to want to become an architect – to design affordable, decent housing conditions. Improving the living conditions of poor people through architecture continued as the fundamental theme of her thesis as a university student.

Challenging herself, she came to the United States as a young adult to learn more, meet new people, and practice architecture in a new country. Continuously learning, embracing new technology and programs, Magali’s curiosity has led her to dive deeply into the world of Revit, a building information modeling software, which she uses on a daily basis. Besides her divine corn soufflés that she bakes from scratch and brings regularly to the office, searching new tutorials for Revit and sharing them with the team is just one example of how she continuously shares her knowledge and cares about others.

In her spare time, Magali enjoys running with her daughter and searching for new, authentic Mexican or Peruvian restaurants. And, don’t be surprised if you catch her binge-watching Indian or Vietnamese movies!


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