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New Leadership Roles

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Leadership Roles and New Additions

Our firm is not only growing in size, but in commendations. We’d like to take this opportunity to recognize not only the new leadership roles some of our employees have been honored with, but also to acknowledge our new employees that will help our firm continue to produce excellence.

Leadership Roles

Owner/Principal, Daphne I. Gurri, will be continuing to contribute to the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Miami chapter by serving as State Director. Having previously served as President, Ms. Gurri has shown her dedication and passion for architecture throughout her tenure with AIA Miami - she was recognized for her talent and commitment by being named the 2020 Architect of the Year.

Jose G. Matute not only serves as our Owner/Principal alongside Ms. Gurri, but he will also be stepping into the role of President for the Society of American Military Engineers, South Florida Post. He is proceeded by none other than our very own, Virgil Campaneria.

Mr. Campaneria, besides being our esteemed Healthcare Principal, has also been selected to be the chair of the Consensus Body for New Construction for the Continuous Maintenance process of ANSI/GBI 01-2021: Green Globes Assessment Protocol for Design, New Construction, and Major Renovations. Mr. Campaneria was chosen due to his involvement with the Green Building Initiative since 2018.

New Additions

Brandan DeCaro has joined our team as a Senior Project Manager. Previously, he worked for the City of Miami and City of Coral Gables. He has extensive experience in K-12 educational projects and has 40 years of experience as a Florida and New York licensed architect.

Michael Cockmon recently joined Gurrimatute as a Designer. He recently graduated from the Fay Jones School of Architecture at the University of Arkansas.


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