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Our Brand Renovation

Brand Renovation Tubes

Take it on and make it happen.

As it is the same with a building, over time a company will require renovations to address new ideologies, values, and purpose. In 2021, Gurri Matute PA celebrated its 25th year in business. We took this time to take a step back and assess our brand. We realized that we have evolved, and our brand didn’t reflect who we are anymore.

Who is Gurrimatute?

We make something that wasn’t there before – we shape and create spaces. It’s not easy, and it doesn’t just happen. Often there are barriers. But complexities and conventions don’t faze us. It takes vision and belief, and the conviction and determination to realize that vision – to see it through.

We do technical. We do creativity. We collaborate. We grasp problems with two hands. We take challenges on. And we do it all without fear. Fear restricts and inhibits. We unleash our creativity, energy, confidence, and tenacity. The results embolden us. Challenges are what we get out of bed for.

Our New Logo

Reflecting our new brand articulation, we are proud to reveal our new logo. Our firm is neither Gurri or Matute, Gurri and Matute, GM – but we are Gurrimatute.

What is the same?

Although we have renovated our brand, our foundation stays the same. Our Principals and Owners are immediately available to our clients, consultants, and staff. We will continue to provide exceptional architectural and interior design services to our clients for the next 25 years and beyond. Some things will never change.


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