Wynwood Neighborhood Service Center

Miami, Florida

The creation of the Wynwood Neighborhood Service Center included the design of the building’s interior spaces. Our firm drew inspiration from the vibrant streets of Wynwood, which are largely known for the graffiti that can be found on the walls of many of its commercial buildings. This district also has a growing epicenter of art galleries alongside an industrial area for commercial manufacturing and clothing distribution. Its residents are largely low income and mostly of Puerto Rican heritage and culture. Our primary goal was to respect and honor the Puerto Rican community by including references to the island’s flora and fauna in the selection of the color palette for the interior and exterior of the building. Words from the Puerto Rican poet, Eugenio De Hostos were also incorporated into the design of the interior walls.  The building is intended to become a “backdrop” for multiple art installations on the facades for both the incorporation of existing and future art pieces. Overall, the celebration of art and the Puerto Rican culture were the driving forces in the design.

Owner: Miami-Dade County Size: 32,000 SF