Santiago B. Tejada

Project Manager

If Santiago is anything, he’s a dreamer. His favorite aspect of architectural design is turning what was once an abstract idea into a tangible reality. Santiago has both small- and large- scale experience, including serving as the project manager of the award-winning South Regional/BC Library and the ArtsPark at Young Circle. He enjoys giving back; sharing knowledge and experiences with the younger, knowledge-thirsty generation. Outside of the office, Santiago practices the unique sport of Japanese Fencing Kendo and Iaido, which he’s done for eight years. Originally from the Dominican Republic, he earned a degree in architecture from Autonomous University of Santo Domingo and later moved to the United States. In total, Santiago has an astounding 35 years of experience in architecture. Before joining Gurri Matute as Project Manager in the year 2011, Santiago practiced Architecture in in the Dominican Republic as well as Wisconsin, where he completed projects from all across the United States.

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